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Goshulyak Vitaly Vladimirovich, Doctor of juridical sciences, doctor of historical sciences, professor, dean of the faculty of law, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya Street, Penza, Russia); senior staff scientist, the Institute of State and Law of RAS (10 Znamenka Street, Moscow, Russia),,

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Background. Issues related to the foundations of the constitutional system are actively examined in modern science of constitutional law. It is a relatively new research problem for jurisprudence. Thereupon clarification of the conceptual apparatus is significant. Therefore the goal of the study is to consider the foundations of the constitutional system as an institution of constitutional law and as a constitutional institution.
Materials and methods. The research goals were implemented through analyzing numerous scientific literature, identification of a variety of views concerning the foundations of the constitutional system. The methodological potential included the following research methods: comparative-legal, logical, institutional, technical and
Results. The article considers the constitutional system as an institution of constitutional law and as a constitutional institution. The notion, the essence and the correlation of the foundations of the constitutional system with a law-governed state and civil society are revealed in debate with other authors.
Conclusions. On the basis of the conducted analysis it was concluded that there is no unity of opinions in jurisprudence concerning the notion and the essence of the foundations of the constitutional system. However it is not a disadvantage, because all opinions given in the article allow to reveal the substantial side of the considered
notion. Under the constitutional system the author means a method of government authority organization, in which the rights and freedoms of the person and the citizen are observed, and the state acts according to the law.

Key words

constitutional system, constitutional state, law-governed state, civil society

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